WB600G Ceiling filter

WB600G filter

The WB600G filter is, just as the W300F filter and W600F, composed of a fine synthetic mix, with a structure consisting of several layers. The WB600G is, just like the W600F, flame delaying and provided with a special dust thickener, what prevents the release of dust particles in case of vibration. Moreover the WB600G is provided with a special woven gauze on the clean air side, what makes the filter extra solid and thus better suited to bigger surfaces.

Technical details

Filter class (EN779:2012): M5
Medium thickness: 22 mm
Color in/out: white/white
Weight: 380 gr/m2
Gravimetrical performance: 95 %
Atmospheric performance: 41%
Recommended airflow: 0,25 m/s
Initial pressure loss: 22 Pa
Final pressure loss: 450 Pa
Dust holding capacity: 380 g/m2
Nominal air quantity: 900 m3/h/m2
Maximum temperature: 100 ºC
Maximum humidity: 100%
Energy class: n.a
Flame retardant degree: F1 according to DIN 53438
Statistic code: 56031490 –Bounded textile fibers


Standard roll widths: 0,50 / 0,75 / 1,00 / 1,50 / 2,00 M *
Standard roll lengths: 1,00 x 20 m 2,00 x 20 m
Pads / Wireframes: each size
Article Number: 06.162…