Xtreme Mix 185

American company Graco show on market new model Xtreme Mix 185 for two component painting. New systems give characteristics like and benefits of using like:
  • reducing the consumption of paint after finishing work;
  • Quick mixing of two component and quick start of job;
  • Less waist of solvent due to cleaning or for changing material only the mixing valve and hose and gun;
  • More job done by operator lees time for preparing for mixing materials;
  • Guaranty mixing quantity for both of components;
  • Automatic light and sound alarms for pot life of mixing material;
  • Systems give options for varion mix ratio from 1:0 to 10:1 for two components;
  • Systems can show anytime using volume for each of materials or mixing material for job.

Material for use:
  • Urethans;
  • Epoxy;
  • Acrilic;
  • Paints and primers solvent base.

Application of systems:
  • Rail;
  • Trucks;
  • Ships;
  • Parts for machine;
  • Corrosive protection.