Merkur – Pro Xs 4 AA

American producer Graco issue new product line of spray equipment for electrostatic paint Merkur – Pro Xs 4 AA. New model systems replace exist on market President pumps. Base profits of using this spray equipment with electrostatic painting:
  • Saving material more then 70% against conventional spray;
  • Equal thickness on spray object;
  • High efficiency.
Some of applications of systems:
  • Finish spraying on furniture, metal parts;
  • Rail and trucks;
  • Protective coating.

Material for use:
  • Urethans;
  • Epoxy;
  • Varnish;
  • Lacquers;
  • Primers for metal parts.

Systems with electrostatic spraying of Graco have internal power supply. Due to internal turbine generator driving by input air in gun, system and operator have mobility more then system with external power supply existing on market.

On Graco electrostatic system turbine generator can produce 85Kv. Smart version of guns have display showing exhaust electrical power. Standart system of Graco can be supply with Data Track. This electronic device give information of performance of air motor, lower pump and counting of paint regarding for day job or since is made system.