Graco APX 6200 8200

Spray package Graco APX 6200 8200

Spray package can be apply for materials like: -most of ready to spray and some of powder materials on the market. Those units can be apply for interior finish plasters. Some of hydroisolation material, floor coatings and other. The main advantage against bestselling product as Mark IV up to Mark X:
  • Build in container for ready to spray materials with 60liter for model 6200 and 80lit. for model 8200.
  • New design of piston pump for more flow and power
  • Vibro –flo new technology for shake of material during of spray process
  • No more filters for stick in with material – only one strainers comes with new machines.
Common technology as Mark are following:
  • Digital display allow you for monitoring and set up working pressure of the unit. Smart control 3 board on display can show if there is an issue with currency or other problem with power supply and also if there is a proem with unit for piston or filters. Information appear as code or short message on display.
  • Brushless motor
  • Easy for maintenance and clean up.
  • New system for easy and fast dissembling and assembling of piston – lower Proconnect 2.
  • Brushless motor with 5 years warranty.
  • Power supply protection including by currency and voltage in case of issue with power supply even in case of using power generator.
  • Each customer purchasing unit from this range will get extra 15m hose, compact hose reel, accessories box and bonus 1 tip.
For more information please look official brochure of Graco producer.