Line Lazer 250

Spray system for road airless striping application LineLazer 250 SPS DC Standard HP Automatic American manufacturer Graco from 2016 launched new generations of machines for laying horizontal road marking Line Lazer V. Line Lazer 250 is available in 3 versions with 1 gun and 2 or 3 guns depend by choice of customers. The dimensions of the nozzles are 0.055 “with a gun and two guns at 0.039 or 0.031”with 3 guns. Maximum working pressure 230 bar. Engine, available is Honda GX390. The machines are available in two versions Standard that allows the operator to adjust electronically pressure of the paint and the machine itself to maintain operating pressure. Display machine can indicate errors in the machine during run mode.
HP Automatic version offer operation in 3 modes – automatic, semiautomatic and manual mode. Automatic mode allows to adjust lengths of marking lines, “point-dots”-mode or “parking” mode. Both versions allow guns to be removed guns from the cart and with long paint hoses can be applied in manual mode some special figures.