Graco Ultra Max Procontractor

Spray package Graco Ultra max Procontractor
Spray package can be apply for materials like: – water base materials, latex, interior and exterior paints, primers and lacquers (paints) for anticorrosion, and also some of fire-retardant paints. Units as 695 up to 1095 depend of the project including type of paints and distange of paint hoses can offer you an option for spray with 2 operators in same time. New units have following benefits:
  • Digital display allow you for monitoring and set up working pressure of the unit. Smart control 3 board on display can show if there is an issue with currency or other problem with power supply and also if there is a proem with unit for piston or filters. Information appear as code or short message on display.
  • Smart control also can show you on the display by total counter total volume or per day consumption of paint.
  • Compact shape and light weight.
  • Easy for maintenance and clean up.
  • New system for easy and fast dissembling and assembling of piston – lower Proconnect
  • Brushless motor with 5 years warranty.
  • Power supply protection including by currency and voltage in case of issue with power supply even in case of using power generator.
  • Each customer purchasing unit from this range will get extra 15m hose, compact hose reel, accessories box and bonus 1 tip.