Graco RTX 5500

Spray package for interior or exterior texture and plasters Graco RTX 5500
These machines are typically applicable to finishing plaster, gypsum and cement adhesives intiorno or exterior construction. It is used also for applying structural “pulled” plasters for insulation.

RTX 5500 models unlike previous modification 1500 and of its competitors are distinguished and extremely large flow rate of 21 l / min.
In addition to the new model compressor kit offers an operating pressure of 7 bar.
Brushless motor ensures trouble-free operation under heavy loads.
One of the main differences from competitors is that RTX 5500 starts in operation after the operator pressed the trigger of the gun. This reduces noise in the working environment for the operator and also a reduced power consumption.
The function of vibrating the reservoir reduces the possibility of precipitation of the material with the large reservoir of 60 liters.
The new model gun for application is equipped with a lightweight and comfortable handle.
The kit comes with a set of different sized nozzles to material used for application.

For more information please look official brochure of Graco producer.