Graco Tmax 506, 657

Spray package for interior plasters or some texture and Graco Tmax 506 and 657 These machines are typically applicable to finishing plaster, gypsum and cement adhesives intiorno construction.

The machines are equipped with a system for monitoring and settings Smart Control 2, which allows you encounter operational problems be detected using codes shown on the display possible issue.

Piston pumps are powered by brushless motor ensures exceptional resistance and heavy loads. The main difference between the two modifications is showed in their name. Model 506 is 50 bar working pressure and flow of 6 l / min. Model 657 has a working pressure of 65 bar and flow rate 7.2 l / min. Аpplicator or spray gun for application is equipped with two types of nozzles in one case to work with airless type nozzle and fine filter in the gun. The other type connectors are round nozzles for use with thicker materials or larger grain size to 1.5 mm. The machine is supplied with material collected tank to 4 standard finish product.

For more information please look official brochure of Graco producer.