Wiltec Pleated Cardboard Super Eco

Wiltec Pleated Cardboard Super Eco

Two layers of high quality cardboard. Suitable for the most common industrial paint types, fast drying paint types included. The filter Works by changing the direction of the airflow. This forces the paint particles outwards so they can better adhere to the filter.

Technical details

Thickness: 65 mm
Color in/out: broun/broun
Average arrestance: 98,7 %
Recommended airflow: 0,5 – 1,0 m/s
Nominal quantity of air: 1800-3400
Initial pressure loss: 30 Pa
Final pressure loss: 130-250 Pa
Paint absorption capacity: 18 kg/m² at resistance of 30 Pa at airspeed 0,75 m/s
Maximum temperature: 100 ºC
Maximum humidity: 100%


H x L: 0,90 x 11,15 m (10m²)
H x L: 1,00 x 10,00 m (10m²)
H x L: 0,75 x 13,50 m (10m²)


The Wiltec Pleated Cardboard Super Eco is a paint-overspray collector that can be used for most industrial paints and lacquer. It is not advised to use this filter with quickly drying lacquers.